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BSolar is a leader company dedicate to marketing solar panels to homeowners. Their Founder, James Smith is focus on leads the vision and strategy for maintain a continue innovation within the solar industry and deliver exceptional value to all potencial clients.

Our vision is: "Achieve the adoption of solar energy for improvement of our life through all your benefits" and our core values are:

  • Change starts with one decision- "You're the power of live a better life".
  • Focus on Positive Source-  "Always there is a positive source,  be inspired, be focus and follow it".
  • Embrace Entrepreneurship - "You're creative, you'll find innovative solutions, and recognize that there is not nothing is impossible if you believe it".
  • Continuing grow- "Growth is the great difference between those who make possible things and those who do not".
  • Collaboration is Key- "Alone is like darkness, together the sunlight".
  • Be unique - "The real you is the best".
  • Celebrate Life- "Celebration is happiness. Enjoy the life you’re living, and attract others with your good vibes ".
  • Be a Constructor- "When you discover that something is useless… change it".
  • Be brave- "The obstacles remains that way… until you face them".

BSolar offers to all qualify homeowners the benefit of a home solar energy system. You will acquire a complete home solar energy system where you are going to obtain savings in your energy bills and also you can contributing to conserve our world!

Warning:  This website is only for educational practice purposes and there is not representing a real business. Our "About us section" is inspired at Power Solar. 

James Smith

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

"Leads the day to day vision, strategy, and team at BSolar to continue to innovate within the solar industry and deliver exceptional value to all potential clients."

Amanda Lyns

Chief Operating Officer

"Amanda Lyns is in charge overseeing all operations functions of BSolar".

Beth Whites

Customer Service

"Beth leads customer service at BSolar to keep the efficient running up."

Raichail McLey

Sales Manager

"Oversees BSolar sales, onboarding and sales training. Raichail comes from years of experience in the solar industry and is here to ensure the success of all sales consultants no matter their level of experience."

Darlene Skylee

Director of Marketing

"The leader of marketing at BSolar, telling the story of our amazing company to all key BSolar investors."

Mark Dicastle

Sales Consultant

"Focused on generating sales and bring a personalized services to all clients."

Mike Baltimore

Director of Finance

"Mike is in charge of manage the budget and makes the financial decisions".

Daniel Gulfield

Director of Human Resources

"Daniel is in charge of recruit our human resources talent".


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